Monday, May 25, 2015

Ebon Week 15: May 25, 2015

It was nice to get everyone's letters and especially all the little cousins. Elder Ayala flew in this week and I'm stoked to be working with him. Also this week the school had graduations, Amy and Russell got married, and I ate sea turtle.

First, Amy and Russell's Marriage happened very quickly. They've been wanting to get married for awhile but they decided Tuesday to get married the next day. The decision was made quickly because Elder Wilson has the authority to marry people. In the lesson Tuesday, Amy told us she want to marry Russell but he has to give up smoking first; but, she was saying how she'll stop drinking coffee after they're married. It can be hard; Marshallese people have this mindset that they'll start obeying commandments, that quitting smoking and drinking coffee is easy after they get married or baptized. I basically just called Amy out and told her that if she thought that, then they will never get married. They were going back and forth on their decision but they got married this Wednesday and are really happy.  Sunday we dropped by and they told us, "We want to be baptized next Sunday." They both still have to give up things but it's fun to see how excited they are.

School got out here recently and the Marshallese have huge graduation ceremonies for the kindergarteners and 8th graders. Both times the Elders got put at the main table and had designated seats. Its cool to only be 18 but have a similar position to that of the other pastors and church leaders. Wednesday at the main ceremony we were given plates of food that were huge and way heavy. The kids who graduated performed songs and it was pretty funny because they sang both Marshallese and English.

All of the investigators are doing well. I started recently with another couple, Zebedee and Murica. Imita told us how she saw Toni reading the Restoration pamphlet and Book of Mormon. She asked him, "what's that?" and he responded, "nothing, just a book." Imitate is progressing really well and hoping Toni continues to open up. The rest of the investigators are well. This upcoming week will be interesting because the boat for summer will be leaving and coming.

Ayala is the best; love the kids. It's nice to talk to someone and enjoy working with him a lot. Wilson was good but just a little socially awkward and was really keen to follow the schedule. I actually changed his clocks 10 mi9nuts back so I'll have time to finish my personal study rather than starting right at 9-. This week has been really good and I am loving it in Ebon. I started the Book of Mormon this week, especially after just finishing the Old Testament. It's great how easy and simple it is to understand. I love how the Book of Mormon helps to fill in the cracks of the Bible. For example, how reading Nephi's vision helps me better understand the visions of Ezekiel and John because they are similar. I've always know the Book of Mormon is true but just reading it strengthens my knowledge and testimony of it.

Elder Spencer M. Weenig

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