Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 4

After three weeks in the MTC all the days and times are blending together. The days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days. It feels like I have been gone for a week and also six months. I am enjoying the people in the MTC so much. We definitely have the best zone. We have a new zone leader who is very strict and self righteous, so he can be hard to get along with and he is also in my district. He is really bossy and tries to tell us how and when to do every little thing. I also have been playing frisbee in front of the temple everyday for gym time with my friends, Elder Buhler and Elder Young. The language is good, very different from anything else in the world. When speaking it you need to pronounce every letter in the word. Also it can be very confusing because in the Marshall Islands spelling does not matter so I have seen the same word spelled a lot of different ways. It is coming though, it is a weird thought to thing I only even heard this language three weeks to how well I know it now. We have one kid in my district who believes thats we will be speaking English in the Marshall Islands so he has not put a lot of effort into the language. We played scripture jeopardy in class and I swear the rest of my class knows all these weird details about the Scriptures, like the names of the sons of Isaiah and Noah. While my companion and I have no idea what is going on. My district is very interesting and a lot of times hard to deal with but I love them and they are great kids. The food has not gotten better, but my tolerance has I kind of enjoy eating rice everyday and it is preparing me for the Marshall Islands where I will probably eat it out there everyday too. Love and miss you.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 3

The MTC can we really hard at times we are sitting most of the day and we have to food that isn't very good. It is frustrating being told what to do and follow a strict schedule. I was talking to my teacher Brother McOmie and he said that he hated the MTC when he was here and explained it was so hard because you are changing every aspect of your life. You are being told when to eat, you don't have much choice when you do eat and you are required to wear certain clothes and sit most of the day. A lot of devotionals are really good, but they start off with one of the speaker's wifes who usually have that Utah county really soft condescending accent and it can be hard to stay awake. This Tuesday though there were rumors that Holland or Uchtdorf were coming so people started lining up an hour and a half before it started. It wasn't Holland or Uchtdorf, but Sitati, I think the only black man in the church presidency. It was really good Sitati and his wife talked about their lives growing up in Kenya. But the thing I like most instead of talking about themselves our sharing stories they talked about the things as missionaries to be grateful for and to remember. We must remember what a blessing and opportunity it is to be here. The MTC should be taken advantage of because time is limited. He also told us that  "the greatest gift we will ever receive is that of the gospel, and it is by far the greatest gift we can give away." On our Sunday night devotional the speaker asked for everyone with family members less or inactive in the church to stand up, around 95% of the audience stood up. It made me realize how truly blessed I am to have not only my immediate family but all my extended family to be church members who support the church and fully support the fact that I am voluntarily serving a two year mission. I believe we have all stayed such strong church members is because how close we are and we are able to support one another. I want you to know that I am not only serving a mission for myself but for all of my family, the blessings it will give you and the example it is to my younger cousins. I know the MTC is hard for me and it can be hard to get through the day, but I need to be taking full advantage of every second here. I have already learned so much about Marshallese and the Gospel here and I will be able to learn and grow so much more. Love, Elder Sweenig
I really wonder if they would let me get a name tag with "Elder Sweenig" instead of "Elder Weenig" I will keep you updated

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Week in the MTC

Lakwe! The MTC is great, besides the food. I eat rice and cereal for basically every meal. The language is coming a long great and we have already started mock investigations. I know several things already, and it is hard to believe I only started the language a week and a half ago. My companion is still so great and am so blessed we are companions. Although I have a few interesting kids in my zone, one who is saving his first kiss for his wife, it is really great and we joke around a lot and just have a lot of fun. I have started reading the Book of Mormon and am on a schedule to finish it in a month. The spirit is really fun and it is great to be around all these other kids my age working hard and preparing to serve a mission. Although I do miss home, and being with family and friends I love it here and cannot wait to be out in the actual mission field.