Monday, May 11, 2015

Ebon Week 13: May 11, 2105

Happy Mother's Day! Yesterday for church we had the children sing "Mommy's Homecoming" and gave all the women laundry soap. Also Wilson still hasn't flown out yet but will most likely this week. This week has been pretty much a blur but slow at the same time.

Yesterday after church Relief Society and a few of the other men went and celebrated Mother's Day with Nira, the 90 year old woman who lives behind us. Well, I guess she's 84 but still way old. We went and sang to her and danced and all the Marshallese customs. Afterward she serenaded us and gave us all mosquito coils, she also danced a little-so way funny to see. After all that we ate some food with some rice, gravy, and bread. It makes me so grateful for bread and how much of a delicacy it is.

Tuesday we had a ship come. It was way exciting for the island. Basically, everyone stops working, school is cancelled and work for the Elders is slower than usual. It wasn't too exciting because right now we have enough food and supplies and no candy came, but there is gum. However, all the Marshallese were pretty excited because they didn't really have any food.

I can't really tell you too much about the lessons because we only had eight this week. It's just been pouring almost all week. We were down at the Protestant event with all the West Side of the island-there's probably 300 people on the island of Ebon, with another 300 on the island of Toka and another 40 scatters across the other islands-the whole atoll of Ebon is 600-700, so it can obviously be pretty slow here. We've been wanting to go to Toka but all the boats are busy. Also, when studying with Anije she's not sure about marrying Bahn and might Uoloke so she can get baptized (sorry, Uoloke is throw). Sometimes I forget English words. With Imita we have been reviewing the Restoration. It's a lot more interesting because we can teach her more in depth things, like I was able to explain dispensations to her. What's cool about learning and teaching more about the Restoration is how it strengthens my testimony of knowing this is the only true church.

Everything is going good; surviving out here. Also, if I ended up being here for six months, this week is my halfway point. Hoping the plane will fly and you'll be able to receive all the letters and I'll be able to get news from you.

Elder Weenig

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