Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Letter: Going Home

My last email to all of you. Thank you so much for our the support from all family and friends alike. Being back in Majuro is a bit strange and not much has been going on since I'll be leaving in a couple of days. Stationed here in the Uliga ward with Sieler and Namak. Able to finish my missionary work in the same area I started. 
   Leaving Ebeye was strange, I thought I'd be a bit more sad but all I felt was content. I felt okay knowing I had done what I could and that everything was going to be fine. Of course I was sad to be leaving but at the same time happy that I will be coming back to see my family and be back home. Last Monday the Ward held a Family Home Evening and a going away party. Great to have that final goodbye with everyone. The next couple days in Ebeye were spent  visiting members and saying final farewells. Ebeye was incredible experience and truly never forget the work I was able to do while I was there. That Wednesday I flew out from Ebeye and hopped on a big airplane and knew I would be on the same flight that very next week but this time continuing on to Hawaii. 
   Here in Majuro there's just been some kajemloks, going away parties, so it's been pretty chill. Saturday night the Delap Ward had a going away party and had the sister missionaries step dance for everyone then a few other dances from the youth and a song from the primary. Afterwards the elders perform the 'whip and nene' for all the ward members. Friday night had dinner with all the other missionaries going home at the mission president's house. It was the first time all of us have been on island since the beginning of our mission two years ago. 
   One of the greatest blessing being back in Majuro is seeing all those members that were out in Ebon with me. Reim and Lynn are now in Delap with their kids and nephews and nieces. Judy Luke and all her kids in Rita. Mercy and Sara (who's parents Emi and Rusell are in Sacramento) in the Delap Ward. Even Bahn and Anija who introduced themselves to my companion as members just not baptized yet. Truly blessed I was able to see all of them and know they are active in the church and are doing well. Sometimes I look back on Ebon as if time was wasted because the work was extremely slow but being able to see those members and know that my work there did have a difference was truly a blessing. 
   Less than 50 hours until I'll be on a flight to Hawaii. This mission of being in the Marshall Islands for these last two years has been an incredible experience that will never be forgotten. Looking back now at where I was than when I started is vastly different. I remember at my farewell talk just breaking down because it all hit me at one time that I would be leaving my family and everything for two years to serve the Lord. I bore my testimony on the gospel of eternal families and honestly I knew that was true but not entirely sure about all the teachings of this church. Now I can say that the teachings and gospel of this church are all true, that Jesus Christ leads and guides this church, His church. I have been blessed to see miracles worked and peoples life's changed by this gospel. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet who our Heavenly Father speaks through. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and undeniably true. The Book of Mormon and Bible are true and speak of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. That God answers our prayers and that fundamental doctrine is how this church was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. In this church there is priesthood power that blesses all families and can be had with those that live worthy but in addition to this that families can be together for eternity. But as Nephi of old I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things. 1st Nephi 11:17. These things I share in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Love you all. 
Elder Weenig 

S. Weenig