Monday, May 18, 2015

Ebon Week 14: May 18, 2015

It's killing me not to be able to communicate. I feel there's quite a few things that have happened. This week was pretty much a blur. Elder Wilson still hasn't flown out...

This week everything was good for Wilson to fly out and we heard the airplane flying in. So Thursday morning we cross the lagoon and see the airplane fly in. All of the passengers get off and then we realized Elder Ayala never flew. We found out the next day that he missed the flight. I felt way bad for Elder Wilson and I was a little bummed because I am way excited to get letters and hear about things. However, today we heard that the plane is broken again. If it doesn't get fixed Wilson will still be here. It's hard to be with someone for so long-just over 3 months. Twenty four hours a day with the same makes it worse that Wilson is not that talkative or that interesting.

To be honest, this week sucked. It was raining and because Wilson was supposed to leave we spent quite a bit of time saying goodbye. We only had six lessons and then yesterday only 16 people attended church. Obviously, slightly depressing. Bahn has stopped coming to church and we haven't studied with him in almost three weeks. It's just kind of sad to see him slipping and little by little stop talking to us. Amy and Russell weren't at church, but they are progressing well. It's just sad, I feel like I haven't helped convert anyone. I guess this is the longest I've been in an area and I'm trying to be optimistic about everything but I feel like I should be having more success.

I other news, I finished The Bible. I use the institute manuals in my reading and so I'm getting a lot of information. Especially recently about all the prophecies concerning Armageddon, the Second Coming. It's nice here in Ebon because I have so much time to read.

This will most likely be the last letter you get until I return to Majuro in July or August so be sure to send the things I asked for.

Love you all

Elder Weenig

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