Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

It's a little sad knowing I'm not able to call and not really speak to you until August at the latest, but I love you and hope you can feel my love and have a good Mother's Day. I hope work is going well and it will be nice to hear about everything. The bishops Delap and his wife are actually in Utah now so she can give birth. Just to let you know in case you see a Marshallese couple. Actually, there's quite a bit of Marshallese in the West Valley and also in Cost Mesa.

I hope you're enjoying your new kitchen and that when I get back you can bake me a bunch of food. I miss communicating with you and want you to know how grateful I am you are my mom. I've shared how you told me, "I wouldn't let you go unless I knew this church was absolutely true." I don't know what else to share because we haven't communicated in a while. But know I love you and appreciate your sacrifices. Also share my love and appreciation with my other moms: Grandma, Rachel, Mo.

Love, your son,
Elder Spencer M. Weenig

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