Monday, May 4, 2015

Ebon Week 12: May 4, 2015

Well this week Wilson didn't end up flying out so it seemed pretty long. I feel bad for Wilson though; he's going a little insane because there is really nothing to do. Today I probably read The Bible for a sold five hours straight.

First off, the beginning of the week was just hot-just miserable-and no one wants to do anything in the heat. Tuesday we heard Wilson was all good to fly out but then on Wednesday we hear the plane is broken. Way awkward Wednesday because we didn't find out until 3:00 so Wilson had spent the day packing. Also we had a going away party but it was kind of half-assed. Some people came and others didn't and just an interesting assortment of food that was made before the island knew about  the plane. All of it was pretty depressing. Also, it was just sad to see how bummed out Elder Wilson was because he was way ready to leave.

This week was pretty good. What's funny is just the way Marshallese people are. For instance, this one kids made a comment about my veins. I like didn't understand him him and he starts telling me I don't know Marshallese; it was a little annoying being told that just because I don't know the word for vein. What can also be irritating is there are quite a few English words that Marshallese use, but when I use an English word or someone's name and they don't understand. Like I'll say, "Have you seen Anderson?" They look at me super confused and I'll have to say a name a few times just because I don't say the name like a Marshallese person. Another time, I asked when someone's birthday was and people will be just looking at me and I'll say it super slow, then they'll be "oh, birthday" and try and correct me how to say it even though it's an english word. Also, this week we went over and was helping a member, Mercy. So I was "danke" which is shredding the coconut to cook. It's hard to explain in english. Anyway, I was doing it pretty slow and this old lady, Betty, was hitting me and telling me I wasn't doing it right. I was just laughing and told her, "I know, I'm practicing."

Church attendance was good-35 people this week; lessons for the whole week was 13. So it's good; work is going slowly but surely. What's been a little disappointing is that we finally found out about Anije and Bahn and so they are all good to get married but are now saying they're not sure. Also, Amy and Russell are good but Amy keeps putting off starting to read The Book of Mormon. I was getting on her about that in a lesson-how she needs to start it and she's king of giving me excuses, and then Russell backs me up and he's just says, "Amy, you need to do it. Just read it." Other than that not too much is happening. We are working with a less active, Miriam. It's interesting she was baptized in elementary school. It was just her that got baptized too-like to friends or family. So you will hear about more of that.

Elder Weenig

P.S. Got the news I have quite a few letters so I'll get those when Ayala flies in. So excited to her from you all.

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