Monday, August 3, 2015

Ebon Week 25: August 3: Pigs, Antichrists, and Sharks

Ao Baamle Im Ro Mota

The week was shark fishing, getting Ayala's pig, and dealing with an anti-Christ.

So last Thursday some Marshallese Pastor from Oklahoma flew in. He's been holding sermons and feeding people to hear him speak. The pastor told Amy and Russell if they convert to his church he will buy them an engine. He also claimed to heal Catherina, telling others that the blessing we gave was invalad, from her sicknesses by praying with her. I addition to that he states he has a medicine that Jesus had put on his body before he was buried, saying it's in the Bible. Basically, the man is acting like he owns the place. Ayala and I were talking about him with Jola, the island's only other Melchezidek Priesthood holder who's less active, about all of it and it was great conversation. He really understands the gospel and scriptures he's just not going to church-it's really sad.

The pig that Ayala bought nearly two months back we went and grabbed this week. For awhile it's bee with a group of pigs over at a guy named Sher's house. However, when we went to his house this week he told us Mercy got it. We later checked with Mercy and she didn't have it, lying straight to our faces. We got it back with the help of Russell and it is now safely tied up to the tree behind our house.

Tuesday morning both Ayala and I are studying and Nelly comes and aksi if we can help her with her net containing a 6 foot shark. Ayala and I just look at each other and change really fast to go out and see the shark. We all go over to her fishing net and although the 6 foot shark was gone there were a few decent sized ones, one of them is still alive. So we take them over to Nelly's house and I have to take over the live one. It was almost dead but moved around every once in awhile. It was very heavy. I ate shark again this week and still don't like it-it's just gross. Although I heard bigger sharks are tastier.

Honestly, all of the investigators are not really progressing. Anije is our only investigator who comes to church but still needs to get married. I'm a little ready to be off Ebon. I love the people here but I am just ready for a/c and food as well as communicating with you guys.

While reading in Kimball's Miracle of Forgiveness, I came across a quote by Marcus Aurelis, "a wrongdoer is often a man that has left something undone, not always he that has done something." Kimball goes into talking of sins of omission versus comission with the majority of the member's sin being not doing what they should. I strongly believe because we are blessed with the true Church of Jesus Christ we have to share the knowledge and blessing of The Resoration.

Love you,
Elder S. Weenig

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