Monday, July 27, 2015

Ebon Week 24: July 27


It's been another week in the Ebon atoll. This week has been bittersweet, I was able to get packages and letters flowin in and have the members birthday me but work continues to get harder.

Tuesday night around 7pm the members came and serenaded me and gifted me. It was really fun, I'm really grateful for the kindness of the members. Also, I got seven bottles of Jekame which is basically Marshallese syrup-it comes from coconut sap, and a necklace  made out of shells. Also Tuesday night we did a dinner with everyone and people all brought something. We ate rice, gravy, jabwater, banana jabwater, dried fish, and bobo (bwiro covered in coconut). Also, Thursday the office sent my packages in a plane so I got your guys package and another from the Taotafas. The Taotafas sent me a whole box full of candy and other goodies and I'm much for grateful I got it out here. Ayala and I have been on a sugar high for the past week. Also way cool to get letters from all Dad's side of the family. It sounds like there's also quite a few new stuff back home. I had no idea Hailey and Josh live in DC. Also, its weired how you guys talk about the house because I haven't even lived in it and I don't really know what it looks like. I am excited to be able to Facetime and be in more contact when I'm back in Majuro.

Marshallese people are frustrating. The families that live right next to our house are less active and make up stupid excuses why they can't come to church and then ask us for things all the time. It's difficult to try and reach out to people for so long, help them come to church and they won't do anything. All of the investigators are happy to study but don't come to church. I feel like Anije and Bahn have gone absolutly nowhere in studying the past 6 months. It absolutely sucks. I have been with these people too long. It's been hard to stay motivated. This week was good because I got a nice boost but now I'm back in a slump.

On a better note I finished The Book of Mormon. The amount of appreciation of the Book of Mormon before reading the Bible and after is significant. The end of Moroni is my favorite because of how much it stresses charity. In Marshallese, charity is "iakwa emool" translated directly it means true love. How Charity is by far the most important that we must strive to follow Jesus Christ to becom elike him. Love should be for the foundation in all we do. However Charity can be difficult to attain because we constantly have to work for it, to be nice, to not judge, to do things the Savior did. Charity should truly guide our lives and how we live the gospel.

S. Weenig

PS I'll probably send you guys a couple of bottles of Jakame, eat them like syrup and put on pancakes

PSS Thank you for the package. I love the ties and I knew you would send me dried mangoes

PSSS Happy Birthday Dad

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