Monday, June 29, 2015

Ebon Week 20: June 29


There is now an English class Ayala and I are teaching, we learned how to make breadfruit chips, also I continue to get a little more insane gradually.

This week has been fun but more and more people keep flying out to Majro so there's even less people to talk to. It kind of sucks; I've asked quite a few people to study but if they don't want to they will just hide and I've basically done finding on the whole island. Also teaching Primary sucks because the kids don't even listen; in Sacrament I've talked about every topic I could think of. I guess it will only be another month until the boat returns and members are back. It's hard I realized I've been here now 138 days in Ebon. It's difficult to just pushing and working we only have a little bit of investigators and I've talked to everyone in Ebon.

There are some investigators doing well mainly Murica and Camila. In our most recent lesson Murica really opened up to us. She told us how she really wants to come to church but she was the one who started PNJ on the island. Murica thinks if she leaves it the Church will be shut down. She also told us how the man, Zebedee she's living with is not her husband and wants to change. I love studying with her-she's attentive and asks a lot of questions. She is one of the nicest people; for Father's Day she gave us soap and mosquito coils. Camila is also doing well. She is coming to church regularly and has a strong faith in Thomas S. Monson and is continuing in reading from the Book of Mormon and building her faith by studying. Although we have a few investigators a lot are doing well.

About the English class it went well and Mercy, Anije and Nelly came. Ayala and I taught them about the alphabet and a few other things. It is pretty fun to teach English and watch them try. Most Marshallese don't knkow too much English but they joke around in English so they know a little bit. We're hoping the English class will be a good finding tool.

This week also had some funny stuff. One day we're talking to this one guy working on something and found out he's building a bathroom he says, "jikin Kubwe, Rimajol Re Ba Kubwe, Ripelle Re Ba Shit." Basically Marshallese call it Kubwe, Poop: Americans call it shit. The guys said it in the funniest way. Also Ayala and I have been eating a lot of spam and one night we made spam burgers and cut and fried up breadfruit so it would be like french fries. It sounds good but it didn't turn out great.

I know my time here is still pretty good but there's a quote that helps me keeping going by Orson F. Whitney, "no pain that we suffer, no trial wer experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All we suffer and all we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable." Although it's hard here and it's testing to keep sane but all of it helps to improve and strengthen me. Just with all trials we need to bear and remember there is a greater outcome.

Love you,

Elder Spencer M. Weenig

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