Monday, June 22, 2015

Ebon Week 19: June 22

The week was way good; it went by fast. Most of the week nothing really happened. Tuesday and Thursday there was funeral stuff for Iroiu, and both Saturday and Sunday it basically rained for two days straight. The time with Ayala is going by way fast and I've just been content.

On Tuesday they buried the body and the whole island including people from Tokay came together. Also, a plane came and grounded for the day to bring the Iroiu's kids and the Marshallese President flew in. So I've met the President of the Marshall Islands but it was really whatevs. Thursday they did the 'edak' where the Iroiu's children flew in again. The first funeral I've been to is a Marshallese one. Both those days they flew in food and ate "American" food which is basically just the food I ate in Majuro (chicken, ham, potato salad) and on Thursday I drank a Coke-my first since February-except it was orange soda made in Malaysia so it wasn't that great.

Although Sunday was raining most of the day it didn't rain the whole morning and so Father's Day went well and Relief Society put together a little program. After church was over they had the men sit on one side of the room and then the women serenaded us and gave us strands of gum and Elder Ayala and I got Marshallese fans. After we just had a lunch of rice and tuna salad. It was really funny and right afterwards everything was finished it poured until late at night so I got a nice Sunday nap in.

We weren't able to meet with too many people this week but we started teaching Russell new member lessons. Amy flew out this week but should be back in the next week. It was way coold teaching Russell; we're getting him prepared to be ordained to the Priesthood. I am impressed-he has been reading the Book of Mormon through and is somewhere in Alma now.

One thing I came to realized from reading the Book of Mormon is understanding damnation better. In Mosiah, King Benjamin refers to hell as fire and brimstone. However what I realize is that is how he is trying to describe the pain people have, that self destructive guilt. Because the only people who go to hell are those who know the truth and deny it just how bad they feel and how we need to endure and avoid those things. It also speaks a lot of service and one verse and one verse pointed out that we can see those less fortunate we sometimes think they brought it upon themselves. We must try to give and help and always try to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith said that Jesus Christ is the center of our religion; everything else is appendages. That the greatest commandment is to love God and serve him an dlove our neighbors. We must strive to follow Christ's example and love everyone as our brothers and sisters.

Hope all is well. Miss you all.

Elder Spencer Weenig

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