Monday, June 8, 2015

Ebon Week 17: June 8

This week I became addicted to spam, despite it wrecking my stomach. Amy had her baptismal interview and will be baptized this coming week, and investigators are doing well.

First off I was able to get the Conference Liahona so I've been reading all those good talks and it's way cool President Haynie is a member of The Seventy now. Reading the talks makes me miss watching them at home and eating good food but I guess it's better in some ways because I'll read the women's talks instead of falling asleep.

We actually had baptismal interview for both Amy and Russell; they're really good and ready but Russell still needs to quit smoking. Elder Ayala and I gave him a priesthood blessing and he says he hasn't smoked since. Hopefully in his follow up interview all will go well and he'll be baptized in a little bit. Amy and Russell told us the story about the guy from Mexico getting washed up and how they were the first ones to see him. First, the guy sees Russell and gets really scared and starts running away puking and Russell is trying to get him to stop. Then Amy, "sacrificing her life", runs up to him and calms him down and they tried to communicate with him, but neither the Mexican or Amy and Russell speak English. When Amy told us that story she related herself to be the Good Samaritan. She said she first thought it was a spy coming to check out Ebon the share information with Muslim terrorists. I told her The Marshallese don't have to worry-especially the people of Ebon. I am really excited for those two-they're my favorite.

Other investigators have been good. Murila studied twice on Sunday. One lesson we studied with her at noon and she sat in on Imita's lesson that night. Murila asks a lot of good questions, is really excited and actually reads her Book of Mormon. Camila started the Book of Mormon and come to church. All of the rest-Anine and Bahn and Imita are doing well just not too much progress with them.

Church is a lot smaller here now; we had 20 yesterday and only on worthy adult church member which means Ayala and I will have to teach most classes and share most Sundays in sacrament. It will be fine it's just until the end of summer and I'll be gone from Ebon before then.

One of my favorite quotes from Conference is from Nelson Mandela: "I'm no saint-that is, unless you think a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying." I have come to the knowledge of what enduring to the end really is-it's not just doing what's right and keeping the commandments but rather to constantly improve oneself. The goal in this life is to follow Jesus Christ's example and become like him; we can achieve this by mastering ourself and being in tune with The Spirit-always pondering what we can do better.

Elder S. Weenig

P.S. I'm starting to get sick of the food again (rice, ramen, and tuna everyday)

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