Monday, April 6, 2015

Ebon Week 8: April 6, 2015

I believe have of the work here in Ebon is staying sane. Pushing through, staying positive and not swimming. Hope Easter was good, it's weird to think Hailey will be married shortly.

This week has been really great, possibly the best I've had here in Ebon. Yesterday for Easter Sunday we had 32 people at Church. Out of those, seven were investigators. It may have been the fact that we did a program. All of the members worked together and we had a massive lunch. We ate rile, ramen, fish, bread, cake and bwiro. I was so full afterwards it was insane; I couldn't even finish my plate. It was way fun. Also, out here everyone likes to look at pictures on my iPod and camera all the time.

When the week started out I assumed it was just going to be horrible like last week. Tuesday and Wednesday were both rainy but luckily it was clear in the afternoons. We had  a lot of good lessons and just great things happened. In weekly planning I told Elder W were were just going to drop a bunch of investigators-all the old ones who just Bible Bash and won't listen. Work and the days have been significantly improved. Amy and Russell were some of the investigators that came to church and have been progressing really well. We asked them to be baptized and both really want to. We had to explain to them we still had a lot to study. It's way good in one lesson Amy was telling us how she used to hate Mormons and thought we prayed to Joseph Smith. It was funny when asked to pray about Joseph Smith and The Restoration she replied, "we'll pray about it but we already understand it's true." Also, we just casually spent time talking to one of our investigators, Elabene. She's was busy so usually we'll only have time for a quick lesson. Also, what I've been doing is just weaving the gospel into casual conversation. It's hard because people are hesitant to study so usually you can't ask people straight up to study, because they will probably say no.

As far as other things...I had a pet cat for a few days but it ran away. We were going to use it for shark fishing. One couple, Amue and Bann want to get married but she was married before and has to file for divorce, but it's really difficult to do that stuff in the islands.

Love you guys,

Elder Weenig

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