Monday, March 30, 2015

Ebon Week 7: March 30, 2015

It rained all week and Sunday, the only clear day, was Palm Sunday. Because it was Palm Sunday all the other churches had programs all day so not many people were home. I also harvested coconuts, buzzed all my hair off and read and understood the Book of Revelation.

The week ended with seven lessons..way sad. Rainy days are way worse here than in Majuro. School is cancelled her on rainy days. Basically this week has been sitting inside waiting for the rain to clear up a bit. There is no worth going out in the rain. Besides the fact that you get drenched in a minute, everyone is sleeping and cold. I don't blame them, I feel the same way.

This week we also went down past the airport to study with Taulon. Wednesday he was gone and on the way back it started pouring. Thursday we went back down and we get to the airport and hear he's gone-it also poured on our way there. As Elder W and I come back up we see him doing coconuts. Just way awkward how people here are so nice but will just avoid you if they don't want to study. Just really frustrating because we volok'd some of the only times it wasn't raining to go down. Going past the airport was a pain, the bicycles we have are way broken. My chain would fall off every five feet, and it took almost an hour to ride there.

Teaching my Primary kids has been way good. Right now I like to incorporate an Article of Faith into the lesson. It's funny, they get way excited to see how long it takes them to have it memorized. Family Home Evenings are always fun because we play games and even the adults get way into it.

We went in a motorboat to Anen Aetok to go do coconuts. It was pretty fun.  First, you collect the coconuts that have fallen and then break them open to get the actual coconut. I'll have to explain for sure more in detail how all of Kawainini works. The couple down there is way cool, Lawyer and Camila. They have in their "yard" the boat from Mexico and she put a bunch of buoys everywhere. She kept calling it "Capital City an Camila" and wanted me to take a bunch of pictures. We also helped kill and cook a pig to eat. So, I don't have a problem with red meat I just don't like the taste or that they're usually way processed.

Hope all is doing well. I'm hoping you'll send some letters so I might be able to ready them out here.

Love you all,
Elder Weenig

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