Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ebon Week 9: April 12, 2015

This week has gone by way fast. I feel as if I wrote last week's letter yesterday. Highlights of the week are new neighbors and a few celebrations, including the birthday of the Protestant's pastor.

We had Amy, Russell, and Elaine all come to Family Home Evening, which is way great. It can be hard enough for them to come to church. Sunday I honestly thought church wasn't going to happen. It was 10:00 and there was only one member there; luckily, more people came and we were able to start at 15 after. The reason was because it was completely pouring yesterday. I was excited we actually had some people come; I heard that even the Protestant church was cancelled. So at church we barely had strong members, let alone investigators so it's good they were able to come Monday night.

Saturday morning after personal study, Wilson and I heard everyone was going to the birthday of the Protestant Rikake so we decided to go with. He called us all back to lunch and said it would start at 1:00 at the latest. Marshallese time it was almost 4:00. Basically, all of Saturday was spent doing that and it was pretty cool. Wilson and I sat at the table with the pastor and all the deacons of the church. It was also probably the most food I've had at a Marshallese party. Also, we had a few other celebrations-we celebrated Jamilik, Judy's husband's, birthday. Also were went to the birthday of Bahn ad another kid named JunJun. It was just Wilson and I who birthday's JunJun so we just sang English songs. Welcoming our new neighbors was fun. We brought them food and gave a few speeches.

Our new neighbors are this 86 year old woman and her daughter. The older lady has lived in Kwajalein for at least 30+ years and basically came here to die. They're both pretty nice but we haven't really talked to her because she drones on and on and she can't really understand anything I'm saying. My Marshallese is good, just sometimes I'll say something and they'll have no ideas what I'm saying...but most of the time it's good.

The week was good, just still trying to contact Majuro so Anije and Bahn can get married. Also Amy and Russell are doing really well. Elaine is well but she's also living with a 30 something year old guy (she's 50 something). Work is going well, just gradually improving.

Kids are alway asking me to help them with their English homework. Also, J.R., Bahn and Anije's child, knows my name and also says, "Waini E, Tuk", which means "just come here Weenig" and he's about 2. Glad I'm able to serve her and there's a bunch of children. They all ask to check out my pictures.

Elder Weenig

Helamen 5:12

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