Monday, April 20, 2015

Ebon Week 10: April 20, 2015

I really miss hearing from all of you. It's hard to think more than 1/4 , possibly 1/3 if I go to another outer island, is without communication from you guys. I probably won't write too much this week, nothing really happened. Oh! I did help prep and eat a dog.

Dog meat is actually way good; we ate it with rice and canned tomatoes. It's a little course but one of the best meats I've had here. It didn't make me feel sick like I get from eating other meats. To cook it we first hung it and then used an earth oven to roast it. Only saw a little after that because my companion was starting to feel sick. I am hoping also to eat shark but everytime we try to go shark fishing it doesn't work out.

Investigators are doing well. Since I've gotten here we've been trying to figure out Bahn and Anije's marriage. One night was way funny-Amy, Russell, Elabene and some others were looking at my pictures. There is one of all three of them and Amy points out, "look, 3 Mormons!" It's cool Amy and Russell have fellowshipped Elabene. Just cool to see investigators progress and work together.

The kids here are great. On of Bahn and Anije's kids is a two year old boy. All the time he says, "Waini-E, I Tuk"-just come Weenig. Also JR and Irinea in one of the lessons I was holding their daughter Gorina. Irenea asked me if I could take Gorina with me to America. She may have only been half joking...if you guys do want a Marshallese baby she's super fat, curly haired and has was chinky eyes..but, her name is Gorina. Irinea has another 2 year old girl and she's pregnant again. It's insane the amount of kids.

Other than just pushing through the work, I'm reading the Old Testament. This week I'm reading in Leviticus and Numbers-it can be a bit slow but it's way good. Also, in Romans 4 (16-22) Saul is writing about the faith of Abraham when all odds are against him having children and being a father of many but still he has faith. It states, "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith giving glory to God; and being fully persuaded that what he was promised he was able to perform (20,21)" The verses help me a lot just knowing God can do all things but we need to have faith and patience. Work can be slow and uneventful but God will do great things with these people.

Also, I want to add we are working on starting up Relief Society and really working on strengthening the members in their callings.

Elder Weenig

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