Monday, March 28, 2016


First of all happy Easter Sunday. Time continues to zoom by. Rayna and Randa should be baptized this Saturday as long as 2 others Jasmine and Lani then one more boy whose parents are members. So there will be 5 primary aged kids baptized this week.
  We've been trying with Rayna and Randa's parents but they're really not interested but happy their kids are coming to church and getting baptized. Their older brother, older than Renny, has gotten more interested so hopefully he'll start taking more discussions. 
  Jasmine and Lani study with the sisters but they're Rusen's daughters. Rusen has trouble coming to church because it's in Marshallese so hopefully his daughter's baptism will get him more involved. They're also Sonny's little half sisters so basically in the Marshall Islands everyone is related, always finding new investigators that are related to members in some way or another. 
   Waking up the kids for seminary has been good. What I've noticed is that it not only helps the kids out a lot but strengthens their families. All the time parents are thanking us for waking their kids up and getting them off to seminary. 
   Have only three investigators coming to church regularly; Rayna, Randa, and Betawin. Still working with current investigators getting to church. Although what has been really great is seeing an increase of less actives we visit start to come back to church regularly so it's really great to see. 
   Saturday was really fun. Kim and I as well as the other elders and sisters and some youth went down to one of the other islands. Just this huge 5 mile causeway stretch to an island called Gucci Gue. So we walked out there and brought some food to have a picnic. There's an old rusted ship out there so all the boys were playing tag at one point and it was way sweet because they have ladders and places to hide in. Half the thing is in water and then sunk into the sand pretty well. Solid pday and also cool to go to a place that feels more like an outer island. As you go out to Gucci Gue you pass the Irooj's property. This small island that has a massive wall around it. We hear news hear and there about America and it reminded of what Donald Trump said about building a huge wall. Also was able to hear about Belgium this week and everything that occurred there including some of the missionaries that were injured. Honestly America sounds scary right now. I'm so grateful to be out here in Ebeye and just sharing the gospel with everyone. Elder Ricks, the new senior couple, shares his experience in Wales as an elder and realize how great it is over here. I'm so grateful to be able to share about Jesus Christ and his restored church and gospel. Wish everyone a good day and to remember about Christ's resurrection and what the means for us. 

Elder Weenig

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