Saturday, December 12, 2015

October 31, 2015: Rogue Companion

Happy Halloween. My Halloween night went to a Baptism in my District and afterwards the we watched Hotel Transylvania with the Primary children. Marshall Islands kind of celebrates Halloween. In town they have packs of kids with only one of ten actually wearing a costume and they go up to the little shops and sing a song and get candy. This week was extremely long and it can be difficult working in a new area and doing Zone Leader responsiblilities.    The mission's APs work mostly down in the Kiribati side of the mission. Meaning more things for us to take care of. Zone Leaders make the calls to outer islands and make sure they are doing well in addition to the basics of managing transfers taking care of the needs of other missionaries. Some things this week just included changing the tire on a Sister's car, putting together and sending off a box to the Jaluit Elders, cleaning and closing down an old hour as well countless other little things. It's nice to be a Zone Leader and just have things to keep you busy and help you to stay focused. 
   Sometimes in this mission it can be a bit hard. I am the only white missionary in my Zone. I love working with Islanders, Australians, and New Zealanders but I always feel like as if there is always a joke going that I don't understand and everyone else is laughing. I got a bit fed up this week because my companion kept wanting to sleep at other elders houses every night. I've been tired from not being able to sleep for most of the week and I felt like most of the things we had to do were not that important and wasting time. To be honest with you guys the last few months I have been slacking. I haven't been doing anything bad just not doing everything that I should. Haven't done comapnion study or woken up on time just those basic little things that really do have a difference in the whole aspect of everything. I talked to my President just about how I was feeling down and not wanting to even be on my mission. He told me I could work with anybody in the mission or going anywhere but I decided where I am was best for me. From this story I find how the things if omission really do make a difference that in the gospel as Christians we can't simply not do bad things but do those small simple things that really make the difference in our life's. Happiness comes from keeping the commandments and being more Christlike. Also from my experience I know God knows me better than I know myself and I am exactly where I need to be no matter how hard it can be at times, that he loves and knows all of us individually. I am grateful for this gospel and this time here and although it can be hard in the moment grateful for the trials because I know it makes us stronger and better people. 

Elder Spencer Matthew Weenig

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