Saturday, December 12, 2015

November 8, 2015: Ajeltake and Zone Leader Responsibilities

Elder Harris and I finally got down juggling work and Zone Leader responsibilities down. We have been really good this week at waking up on time and our morning studies. Harris and I started running in the morning and my legs are insanely sore because I haven't ran since before my mission. It's nice to be able to just get back into working hard and teaching people. 
   Work is going great and had 3 of the people we are teaching come to church. One Burtle is from Korsae, Micronesia, and 20 years old. With him he doesn't understand Marshallese at all but, what's really bad is whenever I start talking to him I begin in Marshallese without even realize what I am doing. Basically I have absolutely no idea how to start conversations in English anymore and can only start speaking it when people talk to me first.  Another investigator is Jackson, some 40 year old guy who just came from living half his life in the States. The other kid who came to church is named Naruto, I can't remember his real name but everyone just calls him that. All of the guys are progressing really well and are excited about working towards getting baptized. Quite a few other people we are studying with as well but it can be hard because a lot of them have busy work schedules so they can be hard to see. Ajeltake is very different from my other areas, it's a new development and people have jobs and nice houses. So I am blown away sometimes because with some people we are sitting on couches and they have kitchens and tvs and vastly different then sitting in small little snacks on the ground, definitely very humbling. 
   Hope all is well back home with everyone. A Marshallese Proverb that's been on my mind lately is "anbilonlon koba ej komman meto" translated being the sea is made from a combination of tiny drops. Basically everything that we do has an impact no matter how significant it seems to us. Through all small simple acts big things come to pass. I am really beginning to notice this as I start to get back into the basics of missionary work and just trying to do my best in all aspects. 

S. Weenig

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