Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 25, 2015: Transfer to Ajeltake

Iakwe. Iakwe. 
   Started working in Ajeltake this Sunday. Meaning driving which is kind of weird after a year of not being behind a wheel. It's nice a big van but, Marshallese people have no idea how to drive because the whole island is basically just one thin road. Ajeltake is extremely thin in width ranging from 15 feet to a couple hundred. 
   My companion, Elder Harris is from a small town in New Zealand. He's new to the area as well and so basically white washing. Just from working Sunday we've set up with a few former investigators and will start with them again this upcoming week. In church I am still translating but for another senior couple from Canada, the Crooks. I only translated once but it's a little irritating because the sister expected me to translate every single word. Ajeltake ward is great and recently changed from being a branch to a ward. 
   This week has been a little tough, a lot of ups and downs. In general Laura was just not the best area. During the week I was feeling a bit down because numbers were low and didn't have anybody progressing. Luckily I was able to check my email in the middle of the week. The last month my family has been sending emails to my other account so I haven't been reading any of them and was complete unaware. Last Monday my parents found this out and was able to forward them. At a low point at the week I used my friends iPad and my emails were half downloaded because it was off wifi. What was nice is I able to read a message from my brother in law, Josh. It was something said in conference about a missionary it read "God knows he is a great missionary and so do I so that's all that matters." I was really grateful to read that email when I did. I know it was all in God's will I got to read my emails when I did at not some other time. I know God answers prayers and comforts us in our time in need. Also basically everything doesn't matter whether other people notice or not because like Mother Teresa said "It was never between you and them anyways just yourself and God."
   With Love, 
   S. Weenig 

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