Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11, 2015: Back in Majuro

  Being back in Majuro has been pretty overwhelming; being able to eat food other than rice and canned meat, A/C, cold water, cars... I am actually eating my first chicken burger in forever. I got back Wednesday morning after being on the MP Kwajalein for 12 days. I was able to visit the other outer islands of Namdrik, Kili, and Jaluit. I do miss Ebon but I am very happy to be back on the big island. I am sending my Ebon letters off today so in a little bit you'll get to hear about all those stories.
   Currently I am working in Laura on the far west side of the island with Elder Joel of Pohnpei in Micronesia, great kid. We are living in one house with two other missionaries; Romney and Manmua, so it can be pretty fun. I really enjoy working in Laura, it's like an outer island but with all the big island amenities. The area is pretty spread out so we have bicycles out here and I am pretty stoked about that. 
  Work here is good we have a few investigators. Saturday two children Lawinni and Petrina were baptized. Both of them were children of members. Quite a few people we work with our members who's kids haven't been baptized yet. So we'll have lessons with the kids and try to get their whole families involved. In a lesson this week with a couple, Calder and Rolynn, Rolynn asked how old Joseph Smith was when he restored the church after hearing the story of the first vision when he was only 14 years old. Teaching her that it took Joseph Smith ten years of preparation before he was able to restore the church and how things happen gradually really resonated with her and helped her to realize that's how we gain answers. The experience reminded me of 2:28-43 in which Alma compares faith to a seed and how it happens very slowly. The Marshallese use "jidik kon jidik" meaning little by little things come to pass. With all things with faith, knowledge, learning a new language it all comes gradually and we just need to be patient and have faith in God that we'll be strengthened in all things. 
   I am excited to be able to email again and have constant contact. Thanks everyone for all the letters you sent I was able to get most of them out in Ebon. I want to give a special thanks to the Taotafas for the birthday package. Hope all is back home with everyone. 
   Elder S. Weenig

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