Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 18, 2015: Leaving Laura and Transfer to Ajeltake Where I'll be ZL

Well this week we heard about transfer and starting soon and I'll be a Zone Leader in Ajeltake working with Elder Harris. It's weird to be leaving Laura after such a short time of only 5 weeks. I was definitely thinking I'd be in this area for another couple months. This week the Iroojlaplap (Landowner) of Majuro died, quite a few people have been busy preparing for his burial and the viewing. 
   The funeral may be on the longest just because everyone in the Marshall Islands and their dog has to come view the body and pay their respects, the Iroojs from all 26 outer islands had to fly in. People say the Irooj made up to $1.5 million a year. So a large percentage of United States funding is going directly into his pocket. He died the end of last week but he may not be actually buried until next month. 
  The lady that I was taking about last week who was asking us all those questions about the temple and frankly being a asked us to teach her. Sunday when we over taking to her son, Danny, she comes home and we just small talk to her and before I leave she asked me when we can study. I was bit surprised just because of her demeanor the last time we saw her. Well shows that you can't judge anybody too early. 
   Joel and I have been trying to find new investigators but, with not too much luck. Most of my mission th majority of people are happy to take lessons but in Laura a lot of people aren't too interested. The problem comes from previous elders who weren't the best and because of their example it has made some people not trust missionaries and gain a bad perception of the church. Marshallese people can be really observant and because it's such a small island people talk and gossip spreads very fast. It reminds of the story in the Book of Alma where Alma speaks to his son Corianton chastising him for not following the commandments, "Suffer not yourself to be led away by any vain or foolish thing; suffer not the devil to lead away your heart again after those wicked harlots. Behold, O my son, how great iniquity ye brought upon the Zoramites; for when they saw your conduct they would not believe in my words" (Alma 39:11). My mission can be a bit disobedient which really effects all the work in general. It can be easy to justify not following the rules especially when nobody else is but I know it's better to rise above. I admit that I need to better and am working on that. I believe no matter what we have to strive to be an example in whatever we do because if we are aware or not people notice. Wether as missionaries, members of this church, employees basically in all positions in live we must keep a good conduct. 
   Elder Spencer Weenig

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