Monday, March 9, 2015

Ebon Week 4: March 9, 2015

You will be pleased to hear I have written in my journal and haven't missed a day. Also, I'm taking a bunch of pictures.  The coolest is I can transfer pictures to my iPod and take pictures on my camera.  Also, what's really nice is I can wear my rainbows (flip-flops) out here so my missionary attire is extremely casual. The week ended well but some parts of it were just difficult.

I had a pain my my stomach for three days and it just sucked. What sucks is everytime after I eat I just feel sick afterwards. I think my body is still adjusting to eating only canned meat, rice and ramen. Work here is getting a little better but the Protestant Church is still strong. My patience is really being tested here. It sucks. I enjoy working with Elder W, but I think because there so much time spent with him and we only talk to so many people.  Sometimes I just get angry and fed up. Like I'll just see stupid stuff or life finds ways to dislike him. It's just difficult spending so much time with one other person and there's not even Marshallese people my own age I can talk to. Also, sleeping is not great. I am somewhat sleep deprived; I think I may have permanent bags under my eyes.  It just much too hot to sleep at night. I think the food and sleep deprivation are really taking their toll.

As far as good news, I don't think I've written about Amy and Russell. They're both way cool; they don't have any kids living with them and work all the time. We've only studied twice but Saturday we dropped by and Russell was already just sitting reading the Book of Mormon.  Amy said she thought he couldn't even read before. It was cool after the lesson about prophets she's just like-I know these things are true. Elder W and I also have studied with two Booboos, which means grandma but I call all ladies that; both are way good. Again, just started but one has a Book of Mormon and once she got it she said she knew it was true. Another taught about Thomas S. Monson and the lesson was like 10 minutes and afterwards told us she know this is true and we need a prophet today. Little by little work is picking up.

Teaching Primary is still good. I teach 15-20 children. My studies are good; my knowledge of the Bible is rapidly growing. We have been birthdaying a few people so it is always way fun; Marshallese people are way fun. They have Papaya here but it sucks cause it's not ripe. Well, I'm pretty good.

Elder Weenig

P.S. I heard I am here for possible 6+ months

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