Monday, March 23, 2015

Ebon Week 6: March 23, 2015

This week was long. Probably one of the longest weeks of my mission yet. A lot of the week was spent walking back and forth across the island. Mostly, people have been preparing for Ebon Day.

We just had Ebon Day today. Ebon Day is Marshallese Independence Day when Americans liberated Ebon from Japanese occupation. Today was fun-a lot of eating and just playing field games-way funny to see all the little kids play.

Family Home Evening was really fun this week we place this freeze dance game with Marshallese and Disney music mix. It was really funny. Everyone thought my dance moves were funny so every time I would get low they would pause the music.

All is good with the incident last week with L and R. It's nice now not to have all the kids ask us all the time for stuff. It was actually really good because giving them  things was causing a lot of problems with members and just some of the other people on the island.

The ship came with food this week. This mission office bought us food in Majuro and shipped it out here. It was way good because none of the sellers had bought anything. The only thing left on the island was sugar. So we're really grateful Majuro sent us stuff or else we basically would have starved.

This week I have really focused on my perspective and staying positive. I would be so easy to just give up here-go swimming and sit around all day-but as I keep working each week things keep getting better and better.

The inverter is fixed so we were able to charge things. I can actually use my iPod. So I have been able to read from the autobiography of Parley P. Pratt and a lot of other stuff. Just really grateful to have an iPod and a lot of church information to keep my sanity out here. Keeping my sanity may be the hardest thing: don't swim, keep my patience, keep working, stay happy.

Love you guys, hope all is doing well. There will be a lot to talk about when I get back from Ebon.

Elder Weenig

P.S. Happy Birthday to Sammy. Marshallese custom here is you can't cook on Sunday-just an example of how religiously devout the culture is here.

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