Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year! I had a great New Year's Eve to finish off a great holiday. It is crazy to think I have been out as long as I have. It is really strange how fast time goes by here. I think the time goes by so fast because of the time you think of serving and thinking about others rather than yourself.
   New Year's Eve the Delap had a ward party that apparently went all night to 7-8 the next morning. Sadly we weren't able to go to the party for long but the Elders help to make the BBQ for it. Elder Lesser and I were on my way to a lesson when the Bishop drove by and he said "get in the car we are going to cook the chicken and sea turtle." I told him "we have another lesson but will come right over." After our lesson we walked over to the Bishop's house and we missed the actual killing of the sea turtle. We did get to help cook the turtle as well as BBQ all the chicken for the ward party. Cooking the turtle was pretty cool, we missed seeing all the way it's prepared but to cook it you first make a big hole and start a fire. After the fire has died down you but the turtle in with some breadfruit and cover the whole thing with palm tree leaves. It takes about 4 hours to cook but was definitely worth it. Turtle does not taste that great, it's kind of like a dry salty meat. 
   The rest of my week was good I transferred areas and now work with Elder Angilau in Rita. Elder Angilau is one of the coolest guys ever- he's a Tongan from Seattle and I am really excited to be working with him. My new area of Rita is different from my last area. It is still in the city side of the island but I was downtown in my last area so it is much quieter out here. I am way excited to be working here. There is an island with about 100 people that you are able to walk to a low tide. Elder Angilau are talking about going to proselyte out there and just convert the whole island. 
   I am just grateful to be out here serving a mission. It is hard at times but generally really great. The work out here is going well and it is such a cool experience to share my beliefs with so many people throughout the day. Love you all, thank you for the Christmas cards and all your support. 

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