Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014: Baptisms and Companion Fights

Yakwe, Mour am ej emaaantata 
   This Saturday we were able to have four baptisms, which I was able to personally perform two of them. Jasan and Nile were two 14 year old boys that I baptized and Jelinda and Manny, two other teenagers were also baptized. I am so blessed that we were able to have so many baptisms this weekend and so many more investigators each and every day. I absolutely love the fact that I get to so deeply affect people's lives. That I am able to see people change, to find more joy in life by teaching them the gospel. I know that I have already performed more baptisms in my first three weeks than the majority of missionaries will see their whole time and I am truly grateful for this whole experience. I know God will continue to open up the hearts of the Marshallese people to allow us to preach the gospel to them. Friday my companion got really mad at me for chastising him for breaking some of the mission rules. He locked himself in the room and then apparently read my journal. When I went to go get him to go out teaching for the day he came out and was like "I know you hate me" I was like "what are you talking about?" he said "I read your journal and know you don't like me." I had written in my journal how it can be frustrating to communicate with him sometimes because of the broken English. I assume that he though I hated him because of that. It was a frustrating day but I was able to get through to him and at the end of the night he apologized and was sorry. It was not the best experience but if anything it has made us work harder and better. I really love being able to be out here. This week we had some interesting food. Sunday Night we had this meat, I did not want to ask what animal it came from maybe dog, it still had hair on it and I prayed really hard to be able to eat it. The diet is a lot different than I expected here there is a lot of rice, ramen, fried chicken, hot dogs, and other various meats. It is good but they feed you all the time. Between walking and eating a lot I am basically staying the same weight. This week has been really great. I love and miss you all. Also my nametags of Elder Waini and Elder Sweenig are being ordered.

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