Friday, November 7, 2014

November 4, 2014: Lakwe Baamle im ro Motta!

This week was really good and I feel like I am getting really good at the language. I hope by the end of my mission that I will be able to roll my R’s like the rest of the Marshallese people. Halloween here is similar to the states there is haunted houses and a lot of the kids dress up. Instead of going door to door though they go around to the Monwias, which are little convience stores everywhere. Thursday I had the opportunity to work with Elder Lesser, who came at the same time I did. Our district leaders put us together to see how well we can function in the language. Both of us a little nervous and only being in the Marshall Islands three weeks was pretty scary. It can be really hard to understand these people they slur their words and mumble a lot. Some people I know exactly what they are saying and others will ask me where I am from and have absolutely no idea what language they are speaking. However I did pretty good navigating around and having lessons. Elder Lesser did not do much of the talking so I had to communicate mostly it was a little frustrating, especially after he corrected me on the grammar afterwards. We were able to teach some really great lessons. It is nice how simple it is here, people are so loving and kind. We started meeting with some new investigators and every time we have a lesson she feeds us. They are not caught up in their phones like most people because they do not have any. But they love hanging around, talking and playing basketball. The Marshallese people absolutely love basketball and some of the guys are insanely good. There is little kids who can shoot three points on a regular basket. I really enjoy being on my mission. The lack of all the worldy things such as tv, phones, and social drama allow me to just really focus on what matters. I love being able to have time to study the scriptures. What I love even more is being able to share it with others, just seeing their faces light up and their attitude about the world change. We have some really strong investigators right now, they are coming to church every Sunday and we have to keep telling them we have to go through all the lessons before they get baptized. Whenever I get homesick or discouraged I think of the scripture in the Book of Mormon 2nd Nephi 2:11, which talks about having opposition in all things. I know that whenever I am going through hard times it will get better, it always does and because we have hard and sad times it makes our happy and thriving ones that much greater. I know God puts us through trials to grow and to expand he knows our potential and sometimes that requires much trial and tribulation to reach it. I love you all and love to hear how you are doing.

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