Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Missionary Has Landed

I am doing great! The Island is great I absolutely love it here. All the things things they said would bother me don't: humidity, bugs, women breast feeding openly all do not phase me. It feels like I have already been here for months. to get here we first flew into Honolulu and then after a night we flew into the Marshall Islands. Arriving here was crazy we see the little strip of land and it is tiny; the airport is one runway and has no room for error. The airport is this little building you walk into and the baggage claim is these slides open to the outside. The whole island is just tiny most of them time walking down the road you can see the ocean on both sides. I still do not really understand how 20,000 people live on the Island. I have been here half a week and am still confused where they all live. The kids here our great, they love the stickers that I give them and are so cute. Everyone here says hello as you walk by and all very nice. It is about the width of a football field, maybe. It can be hot sometimes and pretty bright. The area I am currently serving in is Uliga, it is a very developed part of the island. My companion is Elder Finau from Samoa, although he is Samoan he is skinny and shorter. He is a convert to the church and is a great companion and teacher. The language is coming along; it is a lot different from inside the MTC. It is hard to understand what they are saying. When I first got it here I barely recognized them asking basic questions. We already have tons of investigators, the majority are teenagers or young couples. Next Saturday we have four baptismal interviews and one baptism. Serving in the Marshall Islands is much different than anything else. They call us the crocs mission, because the majority of the time our Elders are wearing crocs and rolling up their pants.  The amount of people interested in the church is very high; our mission president told us that the white is truly white and ready to harvest. In the lessons I can speak some Marshallese but right now my companion mainly gives the lesson and I share my testimony and a few other short thoughts. This place is truly blessed and full of so many people willing to accept the gospel. I am so glad to be here and so blessed that I am able to. The time we have to email is pretty limited so if you write please send letters!

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