Wednesday, July 27, 2016

May 29th

 Interesting week. I almost left Ebeye to go work back in Majuro then the last minute told I could stay. Either than that work has been good; solid investigators. Two people will be baptized this Saturday and have set up dates with quite a few others. 

   So last week Saturday I get told by the senior couple that I have a ticket to fly out that Wednesday. When I heard I was absolutely devastated, definitely not ready to leave the island of Ebeye quite yet.  Well I was contacting the AP's seeing if I would be able to stay and they said they'd try to figure it out but Monday morning I got an email from my mission president telling me I'm transferring to Majuro. 6:00 that night, right before a family home evening/going away party, I get called by the AP's saying I am able to stay here in Ebeye. Elder Kim ended up flying to Majuro in my place with Elder Polson. Tuesday we had Elder Salanoa, my companion from back in MTC days, and Elder Mahanga fly into Ebeye. Both elders are from Brisbane and so it's pretty funny to here them go back and forth and just rip on one another. 
   Also Elder Waniel, the one in the south area flew out to Ujae. It was pretty sad because I've been able to work with him for the past 6 months here in Ebeye and also in the first few months of my mission as well. Since he'll be on an outer island it was probably the last time I'd be seeing him. Ebeye is definitely different with having all the elders and sisters I've been working with for so long changed up but still good. 

   Pink eye this week that broke out Sunday night and has been on and off. Both Monday and Tuesday I was out of work and just confined to my house. Well actually Monday I tried to work, but... With the Ebeye sun I was out for maybe over an hour before my eyes start burning really badly then wind up with the worst headache. Tuesday I decided it would be best to stay in. Had Kalinowski go with Elder Kim and Elder Polson that day as a three way to cover both areas than I had Sonny just come stay with me. The pink eye is mostly gone but my eyes are still a bit sore. 

   Elder Kalinowski is good. His Marshallese is pretty impressive and a lot of people are amazed how much he knows for being out for a couple weeks. He still doesn't understand what people are saying but know a lot of vocabulary. Seminary ended so we won't have to be waking up kids at 5:00am anymore, I think it was draining this kids energy a lot. 

   Last p-day we went down to an island south of Ebeye, Abejdik. A lit over a mile we walked out there because our relief society was doing an activity and we were invited to come help out. Walked to the island at low tide and then came back on a motorboat. The day was really fun, first time being there and it's nice to be somewhere besides the 2 mile island of Ebeye I've been on for the past half year. Kalinowski and I were down there with Nelson and Sonny. What we did is just set up our hammocks and chill and sleep in the shade so really nice way to spend pday. 

   “Man alone, of all creatures of earth, can change his thought pattern and become the architect of his destiny.” Spencer W. Kimball

Elder Weenig

S. Weenig

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