Monday, May 16, 2016

May 15

Iakwe. Iakwe. All is great in Ebeye. Sorry for not writing these past couple weeks. My new companion Elder Kalinowski flew in the other day and Sister Lafaele finished her mission this week as well and returned to Samoa. Investigators or good and started with this really great couple. 
   The couple we started with are named Tony and RoseAnn. She had been coming to church a couple weeks and so we were able to start with her husband. Really neat experience the day before we started with them Tony says to her that they want to get married and study with the elders and says we need to ask them, Roseann responded that the elders would find them. The very next day we contacted them and had a lesson later that night. They have a really good foundation and are very ready to make a change in their life. Roseann is Nita's daughter and I'm not too sure if I've talked about Nita. I think she would best be described as matriarch, her grandkid Sonny was the one that got baptized about a month ago and the majority of her grandchildren are baptized and most of her children are studying at the moment. She has given us great referrals and was baptized not even a year ago. 
   Another woman we are studying with is named Betty. She's was at church Sunday and at the relief society activity this week. We have had a few lessons with her and it's good because with her we have MaƱin as a member present to help us in the lessons and study at her house. Still continuing with the other investigators they're doing good just not coming to church yet so I'll keep you updated. 
   Elder Kalinowksi flew in from the states Thursday and got here to Ebeye on Saturday. Really cool guy he's from the Bay Area and enjoy him. He seems like a hard worker and ready to get to work so I'm excited. 
   Sister Lafaele left though and it was really sad. I've been able to work with her in Ebeye for the past 5 months as well as other times during my mission. Really hard worker and I respected her a lot. She did a lot to make pday fun and always coming up with something to do. As she left leaving for her flight she broke down and it was pretty sad. Might be one of the first missionaries to be sad that they're leaving. 
   Right now in my district we have Elder Kim who went down to work with Polson. Elder Waniel is with them and will be until they have a plane out leaving out to Ujae. Sister Clark and Sister Elanzo are the sister missionaries on island and pretty cool. Elanzo is Marshallese and her family is from Ebon so it's cool to talk with her about it then Clark is from Utah. It's a good district and have been blessed to work with only the best in Ebeye. 
   All is good everything is good and time continues to wind down. It seems as if Satan has picked up his game and work harder to finish my mission. Just feeling more tired or getting sick or some other thing, all for the best. 
  Doctrine and Covenants 54:10 and again, be patient in tribulation until I come; and, behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, and they who have sought me early shall find rest to their souls. Even so. Amen.

Love Elder Weenig 

S. Weenig

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