Monday, May 16, 2016

April 24-100 Days Left!

100 days left. I promise I'm not counting I only know from reading Doctrine and Covenants. I try to he better about reading the scriptures I'll read a section in the morning but basically once we get back from seminary and waking kids up I usually pass out until the time we start work for the day. Lost and dropped a few investigators this week. Right now really focusing on both less actives and inactives. This Sunday it was more full than I've ever seen it and I found out we had 178 people and I was able to look around and recognize every single face there. All makes the missionary work worth it. 
   Right now we have 3 solid people we teach that have been to church the past 2 months. Two of them are kids and they're parents want them to wait a bit longer before they are baptized. So we have people that will be baptized but we just don't know when. Our other one needs to speak to the mission president so we have to wait for him to come in a couple weeks before he can be baptized. 
   One of our investigators is gay. It finally came up during our lesson about Chastity. My companion wasn't bringing it up and I ask him. Then I explained how there is no sin with him and as long as he is abstinent he can be baptized. He told us how he used to study with the Elders in Korsae but once they taught him about chastity and found out he was gay stopped teaching him. Was the first time we heard that he studied before despite asking him a couple times if he had. I find it sad that he wasn't baptized back in Korsae and felt like he wasn't able to be baptized before we taught him. He's one of our best investigators and so I'm really glad well able to move forward with him and he'll probably be baptized in the upcoming weeks. 
   Our pday was way fun this week. Friday night the stake did a campout so us and the other elders went with all the youth and drove out to one of the smaller islands. Was way fun had both a prayer meeting at night and in the morning. So besides hardly any sleep really great. Saturday us and the seminary kids just walked to the next island Gucci Gue and had a seminary activity there. Pretty exhausted a lot different than sleeping all pday like we usually do. 
   One of the verses this week I read was in Doctrine and Covenants 36:7 And this commandment shall be given unto the elders of my church, that every man which will embrace it with singleness of heart may be ordained and sent forth, even as I have spoken.
Just thinking about how great the opportunity it is for me to be on a mission and anyone who is willing to go has the opportunity as well. Similar to the savior Jesus Christ, he takes us as we are then shapes and mends us to perfect us. This really is one of the best things I can be doing and thank all those who helped me to be here and prepare to go. 

I love you all. 
Elder Spencer M. Weenig

S. Weenig

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