Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1, 2016: Seminary and Letting my Companion Sleep

Another solid week here in Ebeye. Have been working on finding new investigators with members. Ebeye is having a bad drought. Also I finally crashed after working too hard. 
   Wednesday morning we went and got all the youth and investigators up to go to seminary. Walked to the church and then I tell Soromon that I can't go sit in seminary because I'm out to pass out. We get back to the house and I was planning on sleeping for an hour or two, I ended up sleeping for 5-6 hours. I try to wake up numerous times but my whole body just completely ached. I guess it's good because I was finally able to get some sleep and rest. I need to watch myself because I never give myself enough sleep. Soromon and I decided that majority of p-days are dedicated to napping. 
   Wednesday night we through a surprise party for Sister Schaffer. So one of the Sisters, Lafaele, told me to be sicker than. I was laying down in the foyer of the church building and then Sister Lafaele is going off how I through up in the chapel and sister Schaffer needs to clean it up. That almost made Sister Schaffer just go home, but we finally got her in the chapel. Had all the seminary and institute and a bunch of church members waiting. Had a few games and cake so it was really fun. I am really grateful for the Schaffers, they're going home soon. Every p-day we go to their apartment for homemade pizza and Disney movies so will definitely miss them. 
   Diosi and Lupe have been really great at helping us find new investigators. They were planning on going to America but when I asked them a few days ago about it they answered they decided that they're going to stay another year and help the elders with investigators. Started with Lupe's 15 year old brother. Also got referrals to his older sister, as well as her little sister. Got a quite a bit more names and people to contact so hopefully we'll start teaching a lot of new people this week. 
   Ebeye is having a drought so almost everyone is out of water. All the other missionaries on island live at one apartment complex and they started rationing water there. It's really nice though because we have our own pontoon at our apartment and so we haven't had and probably won't have any problems with water. 

Love you guys, take care. 

S. Weenig

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