Friday, February 19, 2016

February 15, 2016: Island of Ebeye

Solid week. Soromon and I have been focusing on starting and finding with new investigators. Had a fireside with a bunch of people yesterday. It was also Memorial Day here in Ebeye so fun things. 
Wednesday not much happened because of Memorial Day. None of the kids were in school and they had a bunch of events down at the beach park: basketball and volleyball tournaments and even a 5 mile race down the length of the island. Mostly Wednesday was getting prepared for our fireside on Sunday. We put together these paper chains for the families to take off one chain at a time and read a scripture verse. Also went out to eat at one of the only restaurants in Ebeye and it was not disappointing. All 6 of us missionaries went and split the bill that was over $50. I guess we'll just have to stick to rice and chicken. Nothing happened on Wednesday so it was a bit boring.
The fireside Sunday focused a lot about family prayer. Our theme was 3 Nephi 18:21 21 Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed. Very simple and short verse but very powerful. The reason we did it is to have our families here be better about doing family prayer every night. Another reason we did was we also asked them over the course of 3 weeks as their doing family prayers and reading the scriptures we gave them is to think of people who are down to study with missionaries as well as less actives we should work with. I was able to speak and talk about personal experience with family prayer and unity. Shared about the sign over our door 'Return with Honor' as well as my experience with priesthood blessings and how the spirit was in our home. Focused on how parents need to be teaching their children gospel principles and about Jesus Christ. We put together over 30+ paper chains but will have to put together 20 more because of all the people that came. Really praying that this will help our families out a lot as well as missionary work. 
Quite a few new investigators we started with. Marlynn and Perkin the owners of our house started a week ago and want to study daily. Also started with these two teenage boys at one of the new member's houses. Most of our contacts are through family and other people living at their houses. Renny and Joel, the teenage brothers we study with, are ready for baptism Saturday and we are studying with their little sisters and will start soon with their parents.  One thing here is that quite a few times adults are not wanting to study for a few reasons: work, having a position in another church, or not interested but they want their children to study. Diosi's father in law is a Deacon in Protestant but he wants us to study with the people in his house- a young couple as well as his teenage son. One of the kids Aaron got baptized Saturday. He's 11 years old but maybe a little over 3 feet. Anyways his parents were really happy he got baptized and came to his baptism Saturday but don't really want to study with us. So the majority of investigators are youth and young couples. 
Work is going great. Almost every week we find another kid to take to seminary. Usually a less active one that should be going so lots of good solid work happening. We'll have 3 of our investigators; all young men be baptized Saturday.

Love you all, 
Elder Weenig

P.S. I just finished my 4th journal on my mission. Still writing everyday.

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