Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Leaving Ebon: September 15

Well I've been on board the MP Kwajalein the last eleven days with a bunch of Marshallese highschoolers. I have seen the islands of Namdrik, Kili, and Jaluit. Now I'm on my way to Majuro where we'll be able to email and Skype. It's been a long last two weeks and I hard about Mom's freak out so it looks like we're all learning patience.

Tuesday, September 1st, Ayala and I called with Majuro and found out our plane tickets were for the 3rd instead of the 10th and were super excited about that. Talked with Elder Price and he told me how Dad emailed him saying Mom is really worried thinking that I had died or something. The funny thing is I kind of expected it. I told Ayala a few weeks back that once September hits my parents will become concerned and come 1st of September an email. Luckily, I'm all good besides a bit of insanity, I'm completely fine.

The next day we're preparing Kajemlok and about 4:00 find out there' s no plane. Pretty bummed about that and a little scared and frustrated because waiting for a plane in Ebon could have meant another month there. Right after we hear the news we call the office to see if we can take the boat. We  left Friday with Emi, Russell, and Mercy.

Wednesday night we had the Kajemlok, goodbye party, with the members and people who come to church. We killed Ayala's pig and fried it up and made a bunch of rice. Between Ayala and I we got over 5 gallons of Jekame and a bag of Taro. I'll be sending some home. It was a bit sad to be leaving Ebon but at the same time relieving. For the last couple of months we couldn't do much work and the investigators were not progressing and old members were becoming bitter and hostile. Catherina's family that lived right next to us stopped acknowledging us when we said hello. In the Kajemlok a few people shared Naan in Kamool thanking us for teaching them and their families. My favorite was that Nira got up and goes off about how much the islands suck, "no fridges, no coke, no American food, no a/c..." then shares how much love we have for the people of Ebon. Nira is the 80something year old woman who lives behind us. Also realized I was in Ebon longer than my time in Midway.

Friday we boarded the MP Kwajalen. The ship is about 30 by 150 feet with all the passenger decks in the back. Basically these open areas with railing and tarp covering. Everyone is just everywhere with their luggage and laying out so I got to sleep on my jacki. I am sleep depreived, kids are always blasting music and yelling and the lights are always on. The reason we've been on the boat for so long is that we were in Namorik for 9 days. There's no channel and it's super wavey and the motorboats have to go on the reef so they only work at high tide. Kili was only a few hours. This morning was Jaluit where we got to see Kim and Tonini for a little bit. Now we're on our way to Majuro and should be there early tomorrow morning.

The last two weeks have been quite an adventure. I am ready to be back in Majuro and back to work. Also am excited to go eat pizza and ice cream. This trip I've been able to eat candy for the first time in over half a year. Happy to be emailing weekly and to Skye.

Elder Weenig

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