Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015: He's ALIVE!!!

Elder Weenig is back to the main island.  After seven months on Ebon which had between 300-600 people he is back to Majuro that has about 20,000.  He was suppose to be able to fly out last week but the plane was not working so he and his companion got on a boat that goes island to island collecting coconuts.  It took them 12 days to get back to Majuro.  He was able to see all the different atolls.  He said it wasn’t like a celebrity cruise but more like a trash boat.   He is excited to be back.  His iPod with all his picture is broken so he is sending it to us so hopefully we can get it fixed and get the pictures.  

He looked great on FaceTime and seem to be his same old self.  Will send out some letters soon.

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