Monday, July 20, 2015

Ebon Week 23: July 20


Quite a bit of people came to our English class, I had a rash all over my body for a week and a half, I at maggoty pancakes and I had a mental breakdown-fun week.

Honestly nothing is happening we have good lessons with people but nothing new is happening with investigators. What really needs to happen is for investigators to come to church.

The rash that I had was insanely weird. At the worst part it covered all of my chest, stomach, back, underarms, and a little on my forearms. It's mostly concentrated on my underarms and it just itches and burns. It was all these gross little zit like things because some were white and filled with pus. Good stuff.

Now the story of how I had a little bit of a breakdown. It happened yesterday, Sunday. The morning we had church and right after a lesson with Murica so afterwards we went to take a nap. When I was waiting for Ayala to wake up I just started getting irritated and anxious. I was feeling nothing has been happening. After a little while Ayala wakes up and so we go to study with Camila. At Camila's everyone is just laying around on the grass half asleep so we sit there for a while an dI get up to go, looking at Ayala like let's go and he just keeps sitting there. I get a little fed up and walk back to the house and try to calm down. Some time past I go to get up and am waiting for him an dI wait for 10-15 which just irritates me forever. We start walking down and I think Ayala says this condescending comment I can't even remember. That just pushed me to my breaking point so I go back home switch into P-day clothes and walk to the oean. I sit down and compose myself. It's eally hard here everything is slow and just all the aspects: no communication, work is slow, nothing happens. It is all very stressful just wanting to do things but there is nothing.

I will probably find out this week when I go back to  Majuro. I am trying to find peace ot build a foundation on Christ (Helamen 5:12). I am blessed and I need to realize all the blessings I have. I need to depend on God and just be guided by him and press forward. I love you guys all the support I have and love I have.

Elder S. Weenig

P.S. The members are putting something together for my birthday so that should be fun. I'll tell you all about it next week

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