Friday, September 5, 2014

First Week in the MTC

Lakwe! The MTC is great, besides the food. I eat rice and cereal for basically every meal. The language is coming a long great and we have already started mock investigations. I know several things already, and it is hard to believe I only started the language a week and a half ago. My companion is still so great and am so blessed we are companions. Although I have a few interesting kids in my zone, one who is saving his first kiss for his wife, it is really great and we joke around a lot and just have a lot of fun. I have started reading the Book of Mormon and am on a schedule to finish it in a month. The spirit is really fun and it is great to be around all these other kids my age working hard and preparing to serve a mission. Although I do miss home, and being with family and friends I love it here and cannot wait to be out in the actual mission field.

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