Monday, April 11, 2016

Ebeye: April 10, 2016

Biggest news from this week is that I'll be staying in Ebeye. Elder Kim will be transferring to the south end of the island and I'll be training most likely. Either than that nothing new has been going on lately. The members are really great at watching out for us. 
  What's nice about the members half of them we address them as mama and baba. Elder Soromon would call almost everyone mama and baba despite their age so it was pretty funny, like Lupe who's 20 some with toddlers. I'll usually call them mama and baba if they're in their 40's with children older or the same age as me. Always feeding us though there will be some who would be happy to feed us daily and give us food whenever we show up. Two really great experiences this week is we are about to go to bed and members Kahn and Anne Marie show up with a bunch of fruit they brought for us. Then another night we visit Shelly Ann and Ned and they apologize for not having anything and they like give us a loaf of bread a dozen eggs and a can of spam. Always so grateful for all their help and just making us feel at home. Quite a few will say hello children hello my sons, or some Sisters in the ward when we walk in they tell their husbands look our sons are here. Really glad to be in Ebeye North, it is probably the best ward in the mission and really great for members. Almost all missionaries that work in Ebeye get fat but I'm still working out daily so I'm good. 
   Started with Zepty, Renny and Joel's older brother. Studying with two older ladies Rise and Betty both have one of our members come with us for a member present and it really helps us to make the lesson better. What's hard is we have quite a few investigators where they are happy to study but we just don't get to see them that often. Have about a dozen solid investigators at the moment and will probably have 4 ready for baptism at the end of the month. So working hard to meet that goal. 
   Missing everyone. Always nice to hear what's happening back home. Keep pushing myself to finish hard. 

Elder Spencer Matthew Weenig

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