Monday, February 23, 2015

Ebon Week 2: February 23, 2015

There are a lot of mosquitos so my legs are covered in bites. Here on Ebon our house is nice and we have a solar plane so we have light but we can't charge anything. Also, the food we have access to is rice, ramen and flour. All is well through there is a to of free time here because not everyone has light so the day ends at 7:00 when it gets dark.

The week started off with me attempting to fish on P-day. I didn't catch anything; I was fishing with line wrapped around a PVC pipe. The ocean here is bright clear blue with white sand beaches and palm trees. It really is paradise.

Work here is a lot harder. The Protestant Church has a strong hold. Ebon was the first of the Marshall Islands with missionaries and to accept Christianity in 1857. Marshall Islands is also a Matriarchal society so wherever the oldest woman in the family goes to church, the rest of the family goes. People can be scared to study because they are somewhat ostracized by the rest of the island.

Wednesday, Elder Wilson and I went down to an island, where on of our investigators is temporarily to harvest coconuts. She decided to cook for us so we basically were with her until we had to go back because of the tide. She cooked us crab, rice, and boiled breadfruit (which is the best kind). It was good, but because we had to cross a few islands we spent like 2 plus hours to get down there and so it ended up being a 6 hour process. What's really cool is she has the boat near her house that a fisherman from Mexico drifted all the way here on. Look up on the news, it's a pretty cool story.

I am doing well. I am currently reading in the New Testament so I am learning a lot more about Jesus and who he is. My knowledge of the gospel continues to grow. Marshallese is good; I understand it most of the time. My grammar and vocab is good but my pronunciation still sucks to it can be hard because some people don't understand or what's worse is is people pretend to understand me. Elder W is good but he kind of treats me too much like a junior companion. Also, he wants to play Yu-Gi-Oh all the time which is lame because he studied all the cards and so I just lose after only a few turns.


Elder Weenig

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