Friday, August 29, 2014

And Off He Goes

We dropped Spencer off at the MTC on Wednesday, 8/27.  It was gut-wrenching to see him go but we know he is where he is supposed to be and we are beyond proud of our Elder Weenig. I was really excited to get his first email!

Hey mom and dad. Love you guys the MTC is fine. I need you to send my pants and also my garments in the mail. Also please send photos.  How is the house coming along, is it all furnished? How is everyone?
Hello Everyone 
   The Missionary Training Center is hard and difficult but is a lot of fun because of all the friends I know and that I have already made. My companion is this really cool and funny guy Chaz Salanoa, this Samoan guy from Brisbane, Australia. Elder Salanoa and I get along really well and he is one of my favorite people here. He is trying to get me to say a lot of Australian phrases. The best is when he uses his American accent and talks like a New Jersian he always says "to be honest, I am from Orange County, California." There are 9 of us going to serve in the Marshall Islands Majuro, Marshallese speaking mission. My whole district is really cool with a lot of great guys. Although I have only been in here two days I feel like I have already been here weeks. Wednesday when I dropped off everything just happened really fast. I got my name tag and my books and then I was dropped off straight in my classroom. Right when I sat down my teacher started talking to me in Marshallese and did not speak in English the whole entire class time, he still has yet to speak in English. I have seen a few friends: Tyler Hansen, Josh Miller, and Courtney Stotts and many others. Davis Johnson, my friend from HEFY Fiji, is my zone leader here. My companion thinks it's funny that I know so many people here. The weirdest thing is seeing sister missionaries I know and not being able to go up and hug them. My district is made up of the Tongan and Kiribati missions. There are two sisters from Micronesia that will be serving in Kiribati they are similar to the Marshallese, they are tiny people, shorter then five feet and really humble, funny people. The floor that I am on is very loud because of all the islanders. At night there are a lot of rap battles and riff offs. This morning I had the opportunity to go to the Provo temple I miss everyone and am so excited to be here. Love you guys. Please send me photographs to have.

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